Sound Film 1

Conventionally, the visuals take precedence during filming. When we shoot a film, our focus lies very much on the visual elements, while the sound and music holds a lesser importance.

Hence, we would like to explore the ways in which sound can be given priority instead, and to experiment with a different way of filmmaking.

Sound Film Experiment is a project, wherein a series of works will be created.

Each work is titled Sound Film ___ in chronological order. These films aim to explore how we can give priority to sound, and how this will affect the filmmaking process and it’s end product.

This concept follows a set of rules, which will be a constant in our experiments.

1) Camera monitors will be covered during filming.
2) All sounds are diegetic.
3) All visuals will be hidden during editing.
4) The filmmakers will only see the film during the screening.