Mr Bullet (2020)

Most Singaporeans live in HDB flats, and many of us will remember the common spaces outside our flats with fond memories.

Whether it is the staircase, the lift, the letterbox area, or the void deck, there is a memory attached to every one of these spaces.

Growing up, I remember playing a few games at my void deck, and seeing other children play these games as well. Most commonly they were hopscotch, five stones, and police and thief. This created strong friendships, but over time, these friendships started to dwindle, as did our void deck games.

I grew up in a generation where these games were slowly starting to lose relevance, and through the years not only has activity dwindled in the void deck, but even the colours of the walls have slowly started to disappear.

Times are changing, as they do all the time. We cannot go back in time, and we cannot change the past or bring back the memories we have lost. However, we can preserve these memories through films, and by doing so, document our past, to inform our future.

What do we want to remember, to preserve of our past? Are these small moments significant to our history, our culture, and our people?

With this in mind, what kind of memories do we want to create starting from now? Do you want to remember the void deck as a void, a transient space, or is there much more to it?

Mr Bullet is about remembering this space, the people, and the friendships built through it. I hope that this film helps to revive a beautiful memory that you might have had as a child.

It is also my hope that perhaps those that feel alone, need not be alone, and that all they need is someone to care and listen. A bully isn't just a bully, A bully is someone who needs a friend. A space isn’t just a space, a space is where friendships are created.

Commissioned by Creativesatwork and Storeys 2020.